Your journey starts


A shape, a colour, a word, and finally an idea... These simple little things are in an unique way, your strongest assets. It's true to us that not many people know this, and that crafting your own imagery... it's a journey that can be really difficult to engage, but for sure we know, it can be exciting.

Our mission is to build up

your dreams.

You are right there, at the center stage, with your idea as the main plot. There are many ways a mistery can be solved... but how? We are the twists and turns that will get you through the whole show. And then, at the end, you'll see your dream has become a reality.

Invest in a truly engaging


Some believe that true efforts are destined to precede greatness, some people don't... We believe that crafting a great experience for the world to enjoy is actually that fine investment that you've been looking for... the one that will deliver outstanding results, and that will grow with your business along the way.

Sharing will finally take

us higher.

Are we magicians? Can we read your mind? hmmm... we can't really answer that. But what we can do is share with you how it all comes to life. Here you can see with your own eyes how the work is done and get updates on your requests. Prepare to be amazed as much as we do, every time we start a new journey.



who you are is what

really matters.

Every project must have it´s own identity, his own view of the world. To achieve that goal Vertigo compromizes to create a visual system that matches who you are as a brand.


Mobile Apps

we can take your ideas


We can help you create a better user experience, allowing your business to reach a bigger audience in a fun, more engaging way than ever before.


Web design


Prints & Editorial